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The lingering tooth decay from an untreated cavity can sometimes worsen to the point where bacteria gain access the root of the tooth and the underlying gum tissues. In time it could lead to a gradually worsening toothache and other potentially serious complications.

If you are experiencing a feeling of pain or pressure in the gums near a tooth with an untreated cavity, it could be a sign that a dangerous dental abscess has started to develop. Without professional treatment from a dentist like Dr. Anthony J. Collins the bacterial presence could spread to your bloodstream and potentially prove to be life threatening.

With timely attention Dr. Collins might be able to treat the severely compromised tooth by performing a root canal. This treatment plan might also call for draining the fluid from the dental abscess.

Aftercare measures will likely include a course of prescription antibiotics and pain medication. They will need to be taken as directed to address any lingering infection concerns and manage discomfort.

When you are ready Dr. Collins can complete the root canal process by installing a dental crown on to the abutment prepared by the root canal. This will fully restore the natural function of the previously distressed tooth.

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