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As time goes on a small cavity will inevitably spread to compromise an increasing amount of tooth enamel. This process can be accelerated by poor oral hygiene practices, and putting off your routine dental checkup at Dr. Anthony J. Collins’s dental office.

In time the tooth decay could start to infect the root of the tooth as it continues to compromise the structural integrity of the tooth. This can lead to a severe dental fracture, toothache, and eventual tooth loss.

In a case this severe, Dr. Anthony J. Collins might recommend extracting whatever remains of the tooth from your gums to start the process of restoring the tooth with a dental bridge. This treatment consists of installing one solid piece of dental work that replicates the appearance and function of the original tooth. It is fused with a pair of crowns on each end.

Anchoring the dental bridge in your mouth requires Dr. Anthony J. Collins to create a pair of abutments. This is done by removing the entire tooth enamel layer from each of the surrounding teeth.

The dental bridge will be created in a dental lab. Then Dr. Anthony J. Collins will cement it into your mouth with a strong dental adhesive.

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