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Do you often find yourself scrambling to control bad breath before it makes a social situation very embarrassing and unpleasant? The most common cause of bad breath is a buildup of bacteria caused residual food particles that aren’t effectively cleaned away during your oral care routine. A visit to the dentist is typically the best solution to remove this bacteria and freshen your breath. You can temporarily relieve bad breath by using a few home remedies to leave your smile feeling fresh and clean.

While your first act to treat bad breath at home may be to use a breath mint, this may not effectively treat the problem since breath mints often have a high sugar concentration that then feeds on bacteria and results in more bad breath. We invite you to chew a sugar-free gum instead. While the gum won’t actually remove bad bacteria from your smile, it contains strong flavor that can override bad breath for a time.

Another option is to make yourself a snack from crisp vegetables and fruits, as these stimulate saliva production, flushing the food particles out of your smile. You can also eat dairy products like unsweetened yogurt and cheese to help neutralize any oral acids that exacerbate bad breath, though simply eating food doesn’t treat the bacteria itself. Another method is to drink more water to flush out harmful acid and food particles.

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